Travel and accomodation

Coming to Göttingen

Göttingen is situated in the middle of Germany and can easily be reached by car, train and long-distance busses. It is served by high-speed long-distance trains (ICEs), with direct connections existing, e.g. to Frankfurt, Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart and Vienna. The highway A7 passes by Göttingen (two exits; Göttingen and Göttingen-Nord), and the major long-distance bus companies serve Göttingen; the bus stop is situated at the train station.

The closest airports are Kassel-Calden (approx. 60 km), Paderborn (approx. 130 km), Hanover (approx. 140 km), Erfurt (approx. 160 km), Frankfurt (approx. 240 km) and Hamburg (approx. 275 km).



Göttingen has a large selection of hotels and hostels; nevertheless, accomodation can become scarce in case of large trade shows in Hanover or multiple conferences in Göttingen. It is therefore recommended to book accomodation well in advance. The Göttingen Tourism Office provides an accomodation service.

In the following we provide a non-exhaustive list of hotels in Göttingen:


City Center:

FREIgeist Hotel, Berliner Straße 30, 37073 Göttingen; 118 rooms

Gebhards Romantik Hotel, Goetheallee 22-23, 37073 Göttingen; 50 rooms

Stadt Hannover, Goethealle 21, 37073 Göttingen; 32 rooms

Eden Hotel, Reinhäuser Landstraße 22A, 37083 Göttingen; 99 rooms

GHotel and living, Bahnhofsallee 1, 37081 Göttingen; 144 rooms

Central, Jüdenstraße 12, 37073 Göttingen; 30 rooms

Leine Hotel, Groner Landstraße 55, 37081 Göttingen; 101 rooms

Hostel 37, Groner Landstraße 7, 37073 Göttingen; 26 beds

B&B Hotel Göttingen-City, Maschmühlenweg 19-21, 37073 Göttingen; 102 rooms


Göttingen North (Weende, Nikolausberg):

Best Western Papenberg, Hermann-Rein-Straße 2, 37075 Göttingen; 79 rooms

Astoria, Hannoversche Straße 51-53, 37075 Göttingen; 144 rooms

Beckmann, Ulrideshuser Straße 44, 37077 Göttingen-Nikolausberg; 27 rooms


Göttingen West (Grone):

Best Western Parkhotel Ropeter, Kasseler Landstraße 45, 37081 Göttingen; 116 rooms

Schweizer Hof; Kasseler Landstraße 118-120, 37081 Göttingen; 50 rooms

AS Hotel, Kasseler Landstraße 64, 37081 Göttingen; 25 rooms

Novostar First Class Garni, Kasseler Landstraße 25, 37081 Göttingen; 70 rooms

Rennschuh, Kasseler Landstraße 93, 37081 Göttingen; 104 rooms

Zum Stresemann, Stresemannstraße 27, 37079 Göttingen; 32 rooms


Göttingen South (Geismar):

Onkel Toms Hütte, Am Gewende 10-11, 37083 Göttingen; 44 rooms

GDA Hotel Göttingen, Charlottenburger Straße 19, 37085 Göttingen; 25 rooms