Poster session

The poster session will take place on Thursday, February 14th, from 16.45-18.15. The session will be split in two blocks; a number is assigned to each poster and we ask the presenters of even-numbered posters to be at their poster from 16.45-17.30; the presenters of odd-numbered posters are asked to be at their posters from 17.30-18.15.

16.45-17.30: Block 1 - Even-Numbered posters




Nilofer Begum (LTM Research and Conservation Gleichen/Mysore), W Kaumanns, M Singh, H Hofer, A Sliwa: 100 years and 2400 Lion-tailed macaques (Macaca silenus) worldwide in zoos: Demography and conservation potential



Monica Carosi (Roma Tre), B Simeoni, C Sagnotti, P Ciaccia, M Ricotta, I Orlando: Space and time: dimensions of captive apes well-being



Francisco E de Oliveira Terceiro (Zurich), DL da C Silva, AS Araújo, JM Burkart: Comparing social tolerance between wild and captive common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)



João d'Oliveira Coelho (Oxford), RL Anemone, S Carvalho: Fossil sites as landscape outliers: the potential of the dbscan clustering algorithm for detecting fossiliferous outcrops in forests



Anja Ebenau (Göttingen), C von Borell, L Penke, J Ostner, O Schülke: Personality homophily influences social bonds in wild Assamese macaques



Claudia Fichtel (Göttingen), ManyPrimates: ManyPrimates: Establishing an infrastructure for collaboration in primate cognition research



Sol Gennuso (Corrientes), M. Raño, B Natalini, V Romero, C Valeggia, M Kowalewski: Seasonality in cortisol levels in Alouatta caraya juveniles



Philippa Hammond (Oxford), L Lewis-Bevan, D Biro, S Carvalho: Vocalisations and vigilance: Monitoring habituation and indicators of risk perception in baboons (Papio ursinus) in Gorongosa, Mozambique




Eckhard W. Heymann (Göttingen), L Culot, ER Tirado Herrera, J Hambuckers, B Ziegenhagen, R Bialozyt, C Mengel, K Heer: Tamarin seed dispersal contributes to the natural regeneration of anthropogenically disturbed forest



Haneul Jang (Leipzig), C Boesch, R Mundry, KRL Janmaat: How does spatial movement pattern of human foragers and chimpanzees compare when they travel to food locations in the forest?



Ammie K Kalan (Leipzig), E Carmignani, R Kronland-Martinet, S Ystad, J Chatron, M Aramaki: Is chimpanzee accumulative stone throwing adapted for communication?



Yena Kim (Leiden), JC Choe, M Tomonaga: Familiar and unfamiliar human face recognition by chimpanzees: The role of mouth



Annika Kollikowski (Hannover), E Zimmermann, U Radespiel: The use of operant conditioning to study olfactory species discrimination in two mouse lemur species (Microcebus lehilahytsara and M. murinus)



Kelly Ray Mannion (Zurich), C Schuppli, A Marzec, C Fryns, M van Noordwijk: Achieving independence in Bornean orangutans: A mother's push or self-interests' pull?



Michaela Másílková (South Bohemia), A Weiss, T Bugnyar, M Konečná: Cross-species comparison of personality structures based on everyday behaviours in callitrichids



Fabia Miss (Zurich), H Meunier, J Burkart: Auditory Simon effect in an Old World monkey, Macaca tonkeana



Bako Rasolofoniaina (Göttingen), PM Kappeler, C Fichtel: Variation of cognitive style is driven by level of neophobia and social enhancement in free-ranging narrow-striped mongooses



Laureen Seex (Groningen), PM Kappeler, C Fichtel, CK Hemelrijk: The relation between undecided fights and social style in group living lemurs


Lluis Socias Martínez (Göttingen), PM Kappeler: Catalyzing Sociality: Ecology builds on parental care



James Stranks (Göttingen), C Roos, M Heistermann, O Schülke, J Ostner: Ontogenetic changes in social relationship patterns and social buffering of the stress response in juvenile male Assamese macaques



Sonia Touitou (Göttingen), M Heistermann, O Schülke, J Ostner: Energetics of reproduction in wild female Assamese macaques (Macaca assamensis)

17.30-18.15: Block 2 - odd-Numbered posters



Lucy Baehren (Oxford), A Piel, T Matszawa, S Carvalho: Do wild chimpanzees say "goodbye"? A study on leave-taking in Pan troglodytes of the Bossou outdoor laboratory

Mélissa Berthet (Paris), G Dezecache: General alarm calls in primates: what do they mean?



Fotang Chefor (Cottbus-Senftenberg), U Bröring, K Birkhofer: The population size of the Nigeria-Cameroon chimpanzee in Kom-Wum Forest Reserve, Cameroon



Ivo Colmonero Costeira (CIBIO/Cardiff), T Minhós, M Ferreira da Silva: Protecting the last populations of the western spot-nosed guenon in Guinea-Bissau using genetic tools



Sarah E De Troy (Leipzig), EJC van Leeuwen, B Dietrich, KA Cronin, DBM Haun: The times they are a-changin': The development of social tolerance in four chimpanzee groups over eight years



Sofya Dolotovskaya (Göttingen), C Roos, EW Heymann: Social monogamy and pair bonds in red titi monkeys (Callicebus cupreus)




P Tralma, Maria Joana Ferreira da Silva (CIBIO/Cardiff), C Capelli, FI Martinez, Paleo Primate Project Team: High genetic diversity and subtle population structure of the grayfooted chacma baboons at Gorongosa National Park



Johanna Henke-von der Malsburg (Göttingen), PM Kappeler, C Fichtel: Interspecific differences in cognitive abilities in wild mouse lemurs



Anna Holzner (Leipzig), N Ruppert, A Widdig: Rat feeding behavior of Southern pig-tailed macaques in oil palm plantations - implications for conservation



Lena Jeanson (Göttingen), N Ghasemi Nejad, S Boretius, J Fischer: Age-dependent influences of general anaesthesia on the cognitive abilities in long-tailed macaques (Macaca fascicularis)



Niels Kil (Göttingen), C Roos, J Ostner, O Schülke: Social and genetic drivers of dispersal decisions in male Assamese macaques



Kayla Kolff (Utrecht), C Webb, F de Waal: Bystander jealousy-driven behaviour in zoo-housed chimpanzees, Pan troglodytes




Barbora Kubenová (Kyoto), J Ostner, O Schülke, B Majolo, P Šmilauer, J Waterman, P Tkaczynski, M M Konečná: Male infant handling in Barbary macaques (Macaca sylvanus): paternal care or mating effort?



Anna Marzec (Zurich) P Amodio, S U Atmoko, M van Noordwijk, CP van Schaik (Zurich): Within-population variation in nest building behaviours of Bornean orangutans



Jorg JM Massen (Leiden), SE Koski, T Bugnyar, AV Jaeggi, JS Martin: Prosocial motivations and similarity in personality increase cooperative success in common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)



Louise Peckre (Göttingen), PM Kappeler, C Fichtel: Social determinants of scent-marking behaviours in red-fronted lemurs



Alan V Rincon (Göttingen), O Schülke, T Deschner, J Ostner: Oxytocin and affiliation in male Barbary macaques



Sandro Sehner (Zurich), RK Brügger, JM Burkart: Comparing methods of vigilance observation in captive common marmosets (Callithrix jacchus)



M Brindle, R Thomsen, G Cowlishaw, Volker Sommer (London): Masturbation in primates: Phylogeny and functions



Rowan Titchener (Göttingen), S Keupp, T Bugnyar, T Mussweiler, J Fischer: Social comparison in long-tailed macaques - competition is key



Madita Zetzsche (Leipzig), BM Weiß, C Birkemeyer, A Widdig: The role of chemical cues for indicating female fertility in primates